All You Need To Know About Destination Wedding in India

All You Need To Know About Destination Wedding in India

Destination wedding are the new and next big thing happens to Indian weddings. Marriage is the best thing that happens in everyone’s life once. Take the plunge and start planning wedding of your dreams. There’s always that one moment in the wedding planning process when every couple dreams about a destination wedding. There is some type or sort of trend you can say of destination wedding in India. If anyone is looking for Destination wedding then they have to hire a wedding planner for to plan their wedding. You can find number wedding planners online easily.

Here are some things which you need to know or decide if you are looking for Destination wedding in India.

  1.  Decide your budget first that how much you want to spend on your wedding.
  2.  Prepare your guests list according to the budget as you choose earlier. It is your wish how much gathering you wants on your big day.
  3. Search for your favourite destination. Eg. You want go for goa (beaches) , mountains, Europe,  rajasthan. It’s better to decide earlier because it’s easy for you and your wedding planner to plan your wedding perfectly. They will give you different suggestions on that.
  4. Hiring a wedding planner:  This is the main and important step in every destination wedding. You should aim at getting a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings in India. So they will let you know about their past work and show you some arrangements as well. Good wedding planners are those who take care of every minute detail at your venue from transport arrangements to safety pins or that roli and other important things on the puja ki thaali.
  5. Plan & Visit the Destination:

Ask your wedding planner to list best destination according to your budget, available dates and visit there.

  1. Menu and caterer plays important role in every wedding. Go for food trials before finalize any dish.
  2. Wedding photographers are also plays an equal important role in the wedding as caterers so choose wisely or ask to your wedding planner to choose best for you.
  3. Book a travel agent. It very difficult for you to take care of each guests and confirm their tickets , scheduling, rescheduling, hotel room bookings and lots more.
  4. Don’t forget to plan your Honeymoon as well.

There are lots of other things as well but these are the main ones which you have to know about the destination wedding.


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